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Above Ground Sprinklers

  Are Above Ground Sprinklers the Right Choice for You?

Above ground sprinklers are one of the best investments you can make for your property. They provide you with an effective and reliable way to keep your property’s soil in good condition while also working to minimize any type of damage due to overwatering. At Kirschscapes, there are many times when we will recommend the use of this style of a sprinkler. And, our team can help you to get it installed in no time.

The Benefits of Above Ground Sprinklers

Compared to in ground sprinklers, those located above the ground tend to be a fraction of the cost. That means they are more readily accessible than other models. They are just as functional, too. For example, they work very reliably when professionally installed by a local sprinkler contractor. Some of the higher-end models are able to do the things you want them to such as to monitor the moisture level in the soil to determine if the sprinklers should operate or not. They are also designed to not waste water but to use it in a much more efficient manner. You can even program them to provide very precise watering, something you cannot do as easily with manual watering.

When you contact Kirschscapes, your local sprinkler contractor, we can talk to you about all of your options both in ground and above ground sprinklers. We will help you to determine the best set up based on how you are using the property and what your needs are. Today’s systems are very easy to use and automated, which means there is less risk that you will forget to turn them on or off.

To get started, set up a consultation with Kirschscapes. Let our team come to you to offer some insight into the options we can offer and how the process works.

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