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Snow Removal Service

Winter Lawn Care: Essential for a Healthy Lawn

Your lawn is the biggest part of your garden landscape, so of course you want to do everything that you can to keep it looking lovely in lush. Once the leaves are cleared away, it’s time to relax until spring since lawn grass is pretty much dormant in the winter, right? Wrong. Even when the turf is dormant during the cold season, your lawn can benefit from winter lawn care services. To keep your lawn healthy, you will still need to fertilize, aerate, rake, water the lawn and need snow removal services. Lucky for you, whether you are in need of winter lawn care services or lawn mowing in Bozeman, Kirschscapes has you covered. 

You may not think much about your lawn during the winter months, but it can be put at risk if you don’t care for it. In fact, snow removal itself can be a problem, especially if a lot of water floods into your lawn areas or landscaping. At Kirschscapes, we also offer snow removal services, from snow plowing and ice management to help with your winter lawn care. 

We can also take steps throughout the year to ensure your lawn is healthy and ready to handle the incoming winter months. Proper soil maintenance, leaf removal, and drainage can all help in various ways. Let our team know what problems you are having. Our winter lawn care services are always available to you throughout the year.

Our winter lawn service is very customizable. From snow removal services to lawn mowing in Bozemen, we do everything that we can to ensure your property is looking great throughout the cold season. We can provide an on-call service where you give us a call when you need help or can come during a regular scheduled time. 

Whether you are in need of winter lawn care or lawn mowing in Bozeman, MT, give our team a call today. Let us provide a quote today.

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